Businesses – professionals

  • Supportive escorting service to business meetings and/or appointments.
  • Research / investigation for any possible information required for:
    • processes required by client-side
    • for professional/commercial specifications,
    • procedures,
    • conditions etc.

Individuals – private

Supportive escorting service to offices of authorities and agencies while providing support in order to fulfil any bureaucratic procedure.

Consultation services providing support for the handling of requests, completion of processes, filling out forms of applications etc.


  • We undertake the translation of your website content from or to the three (3) languages: English, German, Greek.
  • Using the right words or the appropriate tone, giving the sense and the character that you want to pass to your audience: Feeling friendly professional, standard, professional, or personal.
  • Avoid cold impersonal translations translation programs, that have no style, but many times not even make sense.
  • With us be sure that the information is passed correctly to the visitor on your page.

Creative Texts

In advertisement the correct attribution of texts is an important issue, because no it depends:

  • The correct understanding from side of the customer
  • The creation of the appropriate impulse to the customer
  • The impression we get for the advertiser (is he a good professional? Or more like an amateur?)
  • Avoiding commercial misunderstandings, which lead to financial loss and loss of customers.

Technical Texts

  • Instructions for use factory equipment or simple everyday equipment.
  • General technical instructions (email, forms etc).
  • Technical and other requirements of any type.
  • Difficult texts e.g. Damage assessment reports.
  • etc…